Voice of the People

Policymaking Simulations:
Get Informed & Share Your Views with Congress

Policymaking Simulations are an online tool that put citizens in their elected officials’ shoes. They take users through the process of deciding policy — getting briefed, hearing pro and con arguments and coming to conclusions. 

Voice of the People works with the Program for Public Consultation to develop simulations on a wide range of issues facing Congress. 

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What the People Say

Voice of the People works to identify consensus positions on public policy matters that emerge when citizens undergo VOP’s public consultation surveys.

While Congress is often too polarized to solve many of our nation’s pressing issues, VOP has found a remarkable degree of consensus among the American people on a wide range of policy matters. VOP continues to seek out and catalog the areas where consensus exists.

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Urge Congress to
Listen to the People

Voice of the People develops policymaking simulations to enable individual citizens to get informed on key issues before government, hear arguments and offer recommendations to their Congressional representatives.

VOP conducts policymaking simulation surveys of large national samples of voters and delivers the findings to Congress, the Executive Branch and the media.

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