Voice Of the People

Try a Virtual Policymaking Simulation and Tell Congress What You Think

Online public consultation puts citizens in their elected officials’ shoes by simulating the process they go through in making policy decisions – getting briefed, hearing arguments, coming to decisions – using an online instrument called a “policymaking simulation.” VOP has worked with the Program for Public Consultation to develop simulations on a wide range of issues.

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The Public Consensus

VOP works to identify consensus positions on public policy matters that emerge when citizens undergo VOP's policymaking simulations. While Congress is often too polarized to solve many of our nation's pressing issues, VOP has found a remarkable degree of consensus among the American people on a wide range of policy matters.  VOP continues to seek out and catalog the areas where public consensus exists.

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Add Your Voice

Let Congress know you want the American people to have a greater voice in government. Signing our petition, sending an email to your members of the U.S. House and Senate, or calling their offices are great first steps. A handwritten note has even more impact. The more people reach out to them, the more seriously they will take our effort, so encourage others to join you in contacting your Members of Congress.

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